Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kolbe's Birthday

My sweet Princess is now 6years old I can't believe it!!:0(
Kolbe is so full of life she is enjoying school more and more now. She really enjoy singing all the fun songs that she has learned in school and in primary. She is like most little girls her age and wants to be the center of attention most days.
Since she is getting older now I gave her the option to choose what she wanted to do for her birthday? this year I asked "would you like to go to dinner or some where fun, or would you like to do a birthday party?" she turned to me and said "well I want people to come see me MOM, but you have to take me to dinner to"
so of course she got both yes I'm a sucker I know. So tonight we took her to IHOP and they sang her happy birthday she loved it!!! Keep smiling baby girl we love you!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kolbe's 1st day of school

Kolbe's off to school now!! all Grown up she was so excited this morning she was up at 7am and ready to put on her new clothes and head out the door right then. She was so good and sat right down for the teacher and was ready to listen to the opening story. Kolbe is lucky to have such an out going personality I no she will have lots of friends this year. Just by luck this year she was put in the morning class(just as mommy wanted) she got Mrs. Siebach for her teacher(just as mommy wanted) and she also was put into the same class as daddy's friends daughter (Sampson Hall)(which was just as mommy had hoped) I think that both Kolbe and Shannon will warm up to each other as time goes on. There daddy's where friends long ago so it will be fun to see if the girls will bond too? They are two cubbies away from each other and enjoyed possing for pictures mom just had to take. I love you Kolbe Ann and your going to love this 1st year

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off to School

Dakota's off to 4th grade. I can't believe he is that old : (

It seems like just yesterday I was getting him ready for his 1st day of kindergarten. He was so little and has grown so much since then. Back then as I joined all the other parents with all there video cameras watching there kids sit on the rug. I remember think when did this happen that my baby grew up? and now he's in school? I teared up and walked away I didn't want to be caught by him crying. So I went home and counted the minutes till I could go and pick him up. When I got there he was so excited to see me he climbed in the car and talked about how great it was and he loved his teacher. Then he turned to me and said "Mom your not going to cry tomorrow are you?" I just smiled and said "No buddy, I'm just proud of you I can't believe your in school" on the inside I was thinking "oh crap he saw me!!"

I look forward to what this year will bring and the new things that we will learn together. Dakota will have his little sister in school with him this year. And I know one of his favorite things is being a big brother.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Russell was born on April fools day 2007. My mom didn't believe me when I called her at 2am to tell her he was here. He makes me laugh with all the crazy things he is doing right now. One of my favorite things he does is pick mommy flowers(weeds). He has recently discoved that our neighbors have "pretty flowers for mom" in there front yard. So Mr. Durrant I am very very sorry for the missing flowers from you yard. Russell loves to snuggle with mom and since he is the baby I let him do so. He has been wired at night and not sleeping recently last night he was spining in circles in the living room at 11:30pm and then he'd tell me "mom I'm dancing"
Russell you keep bringing that smile and may your laughter always fill the room" giggle monster" I love you


Kolbe is stuck in the middle of two brothers(poor kid) on most days they have there normal everyday fights but deep down I no they love each other and Kolbe loves taking care of her little brother. Kolbe is going to be starting Kindergarten this year(wahoo!!) my baby girl has grown up and fast too!! Kolbe is a sweet heart, daddy's princess, and mommy's bug a bug. Kolbe loves helping her mom , dancing with Diva's Dance Studio this year will be her 3rd yr. doing this and it has been a blast. Those who no kolbe no she can be very loud this way say is her way of practicing for being a cheer leader some day. I love you bug a bug keep smiling that beautiful smile


This is my oldest Son his Name is Dakota he is going into the 4th grade and mom can't hardle wait for school to start!!jk Dakota is enjoying his new puppy Dixie she is a sweetie and very spoiled(by dakota). Dakota enjoys going to scouts and being a big brother. He doesn't like to be inside you can catch him most days out side riding his bike or just playing in the mud and being a boy.

Dakota you are a great kid keep it up I LOVE YOU you will always be my tough guy.

Trying Something New.....wish me luck

I made the difficult choice to take a weight loss challenge I have great friends from fabulousfatties.com that have a wonderfull challenge I joined yesterday. I am looking forward to winning something and I have set my hopes high that I get the grand prize!! : 0 )
The 1st huge step I have taken is giving up soda and boy what a challenge that is!!
one thing that I think will help with that is to no longer buy it and have it in the house So SORRY DON buy your own and SORRY kids your drinking koolaide now.